PI 3000 single phase off-grid inverter with solar controller inside, the output of which is standard pure sine wave inverter and insolated transformer. The controller adapts MPPT technology,integrated pure sign wave inverter and low frequency transformer makes it with excellent overload performance, suitable for a variety of electrical appliances. PI 3000 supports mains/generator input, take advantages of old disel generators, saving initial investment and operating maintenace cost.

Aplikasi Produk

  • Solar Home System
  • Solar Power System
  • Inverter Pure Sine wave
  • Etc.
Spesifikasi Produk
Part Number 29-167
Model PI 3000
Output Power 2.5kW
Battery Voltage 48Vdc
Solar Charge MPPT
Solar Rate Input Power 2880 W
PV Input Voltage Range 90∼150Vdc
Solar Max In/Out Current 30A
AC Input Voltage Range 180-240
Inverter Output Wave Pure Sign Wave
Product Size 500mmX195mmX345mm